How to celebrate the birth of a new Maryland marriage license

Jul 18, 2021 Introduction


— How to celebrate Maryland’s marriage anniversary gift to the couple whose wedding anniversary was recently changed?

Maryland’s Department of Health and Senior Services has a handy guide for the bride and groom of two Maryland couples who are planning a nuptials this spring.

“They should keep this gift as a souvenir,” said Sara Miller, director of communications for the department.

“We will take care of the wedding, and then we will honor the couple’s wishes for the future.”

Maryland laws allow same-sex couples to marry without the involvement of a licensed marriage celebrant, but that’s not what’s happening in this case.

The Maryland Supreme Court has ordered that the couple be allowed to marry under state law.

The couples are hoping to get married in June, and the Maryland Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is expected to issue the marriage license this week.

For now, the couples are keeping the gift to themselves.

A marriage license can only be changed once a year, but Miller said she’s prepared to wait until June, when a new one is issued.

If the couple wants to celebrate their nuptial together, they’ll need to go to the Office of Vital Records to apply for a marriage certificate.

Miller said she hopes to get the certificate issued in time for the wedding.

To celebrate the marriage, Miller said the couples will be able to hold a “grand ceremony” with other guests, including other same- or opposite-sex spouses.

In Maryland, a person is considered married if they have the right to marry.

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