How to get a marriage license in Arizona

Sep 21, 2021 Male

AUSTIN — In a state where people can be jailed for refusing to get married, getting married in the eyes of the law can be difficult.

In recent years, a new Arizona law has made it more difficult to get marriage licenses in the state.

In November, the state became the first in the country to require applicants to demonstrate that they have a financial need.

The new law, signed by Gov.

Jan Brewer, also allows people to deny a marriage application or a civil union if they feel their marriage is not valid.

The law requires applicants to show a letter of support from a friend, family member, relative, or employer.

It also says that applicants who want to marry must prove that they are not living in a polygamous household.

The new law requires that applicants show that they know their spouses and that they plan to maintain them in a monogamous relationship.

A state appeals court ruled that the requirement is discriminatory, and Brewer has since ordered the state to make changes to the law.

The court ruled on Jan. 23 that the state can’t require applicants who are already married to have a court order that they get married.

The court ruled against the state because it could hurt couples who already are trying to get licensed to get legally married.

In a statement, Brewer said she “strongly supports the right of people to marry and that this is a matter for the courts to decide.

I believe the courts should do the right thing and have no involvement in a person’s marriage.

The judge’s decision does not change that.

It merely makes the state’s law less restrictive.”

Marriage equality supporters argue that the new law makes it more likely that couples will be denied marriage licenses, and that many in the religious community are more likely to reject a marriage than those who are not religious.

Marriage is a basic human right that is fundamental to the identity of every American, according to the Human Rights Campaign, which advocates for LGBTQ rights.

The group is urging Brewer to repeal the law, saying it is discriminatory against religious and cultural minorities.

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