How to tell if your wife is cheating on you?

Aug 12, 2021 Introduction

The marriage counselor who helps couples find their perfect match, now says a recent study shows that women who cheat on their husbands are more likely to divorce, and more likely also to have a divorce than married women.

“It’s not only about sex, it’s about relationships,” said Lisa Wylie, the executive director of the Center for Marriage Counseling in Colorado Springs.

“It’s about trust.

It’s about what the husband thinks about you.

It may not even be about the relationship.”

Wylie was referring to a new study published in the Journal of Marriage and Family.

The study looked at how many times couples cheated on their spouses in different ways and then looked at the couples’ overall happiness.

It found that men were more likely than women to cheat on the wives, who were also more likely that they had a divorce.

The women who cheated on the husbands were less likely to be divorced than married couples, according to the study.

The researchers also found that women cheated on more than men in about three-quarters of the cases.

“I think that the women who were the most likely to cheat are women who have the highest risk of divorce,” Wylies said.

“They are women that are in their early 20s, with a history of being abused.

And the husbands who were cheating on them are the ones who are likely to have had abuse and to be at risk of being abusive in their relationships.”

In a previous study published by the journal Marriage & Family Review, Wylier found that wives were more than twice as likely to lie to their husbands about cheating.

In the new study, the researchers used data from the U.S. National Survey of Family Growth, a nationally representative sample of about 12,000 American women and men who are married or cohabiting.

The researchers compared how often husbands cheated on wives with how often wives cheated on themselves.

They found that about a quarter of husbands cheated more than once a month, compared to about two-thirds of wives.

They also found a significantly higher rate of infidelity among women who had cheated on husbands.

The wives who cheated were also far more likely in the study to have received a divorce, than the wives who didn’t cheat, Wysie said.

And nearly half of the husbands cheated once a week or more, compared with less than one-third of the wives.

Wylies says the findings are similar to a 2014 study by the National Bureau of Economic Research, which found that cheating on a spouse increases a spouse’s likelihood of divorce, as well as a spouse being divorced.

“We think this is very interesting and interesting and it may be very significant for couples that are going through this process,” Wysies said, adding that the study could be used in other research to examine how men cheat on women.

“You could take a different approach in your marriage counseling.”

The study comes as divorce is one of the most hotly debated topics in American society.

A new survey of nearly 3,000 Americans by the Pew Research Center found that nearly half (49 percent) of Americans support legal separation of spouses, compared in 2011 with 37 percent who were opposed.

The Center for Family and Marriage Counseled Services (CFCMS) has been working for the past year to develop a marriage counselor program that will give women more tools to help them navigate the divorce process and also better understand how their partners cheat.CFCS has trained over 100 couples over the past three years, including women who are involved in civil litigation or who have recently separated.

The CFCMS program is a small group of highly trained couples who meet weekly in a room with one of Wyls and her husband.

They each work together to talk through the challenges and opportunities they have faced and learn strategies for overcoming them.

The program is free, and each couple has a chance to have their relationship tested by a counselor.

The counselor then works with the couple to develop an emotional recovery plan, a counseling plan, and an agreement about their divorce.

The study has been published in Family Relations.

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