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How the courts are interpreting the law of marriage in Oregon

Posted September 08, 2019 07:16:20The Oregon Court of Appeals has ruled that marriages performed in Oregon are legal, despite the fact that the state’s marriage code does not allow same-sex couples to wed.

The court’s decision was made Monday.

The court issued an opinion in which it ruled that the Oregon Constitution requires that marriages in Oregon be valid, but it also ruled that “the issue of whether marriage is between a man and a woman cannot be determined by reference to Oregon’s marriage statute.”

The Oregon Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case Tuesday.

In a decision issued Tuesday, the court said the state constitution is clear on the issue of marriage and marriage between men and women, but “it does not address the issue” of whether a marriage is valid in Oregon.

The Oregon Constitution states: “No state shall recognize, sanction or give effect to marriages between persons of the same sex.”

The Supreme Court’s ruling comes a day after Oregon Gov.

Kate Brown vetoed legislation that would have given same-gender couples the same legal rights as heterosexual couples.

Brown also signed an executive order that would extend benefits to same-year same-day marriage couples.

In the opinion, the Supreme Court ruled that Oregon’s constitutional requirement “is not an impermissible restriction on the exercise of the fundamental rights protected by the Oregonian Constitution.”

The court said a marriage performed outside of the state “is valid under the provisions of the Oregon marriage code” because it is valid under “state law.”

In a written statement, the attorney general’s office said the ruling does not affect any state law that allows same- and opposite-sex marriages to be performed.

The state Supreme Court had also rejected a similar challenge in February.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


Which states are allowed to marry?

The states that currently recognize same-sex marriage have been the most welcoming, and a recent Pew Research Center survey found that the majority of Americans supported gay couples getting married.

Here are five states that are still the only ones that still allow same-gender couples to wed.


Utah 2.

Wyoming 3.

Nevada 4.

Maine 5.

Alaska (No change since 2010)6.

Maine (No changes since 2010, but the state recently moved to allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt.)7.

Iowa 8.

Nebraska 9.

Idaho 10.

Minnesota 11.

Wisconsin 12.

Connecticut 13.

Maine 14.

Montana 15.

Washington state 16.

Maine 17.

South Dakota 18.

Hawaii 19.

Idaho 20.

Arkansas 21.

Hawaii 22.

New Hampshire 23.

Nebraska 24.

South Carolina 25.

Maine 26.

Idaho 27.

Connecticut 28.

Maine 29.

Wyoming (No recent changes since 2012.)30.


Washington 32.











New Mexico 43.

New Jersey (No significant change since 2012, but now allows same- and opposite-sex couples to marry.)44.

New York (No major change since 2016.)45.

Pennsylvania (No big change since 2017.)46.

Michigan 47.

Kentucky (No trend since 2012.

Still allows same sex couples to legally wed.)48.

Washington (No noticeable change since 2015.)49.

Delaware (No movement since 2016)50.

Vermont 51.

California (No movements since 2017)52.

Utah (No meaningful change since 2018.)53.

Maine 54.

New England (No signs of movement since 2015)55.

Rhode Island (No sign of change since 2013.)56.

Massachusetts (No real movement since 2014.)57.

Delaware 58.

Hawaii (No move since 2018)59.

Massachusetts 60.

Maryland (No indication of change in recent years.)61.

New Haven, Connecticut (No evidence of movement.)62.

Maine 63.

California 64.

New Brunswick (No substantial change in the past five years.)65.

Oregon (No signal of change.)66.

Washington State 67.

Vermont (Significant change in last few years.)68.

Massachusetts 69.

California 70.

Delaware 71.

Connecticut 72.

Massachusetts 73.

Rhode Islanders 74.

New Hampshires 75.

Massachusetts 76.

Oregon 77.

New Zealand (Significantly less likely to be a destination state in the last five years)78.

Vermont 79.

California 80.

Washington 82.

New Bermuda (Signatures of the United States have shifted from New Zealand to Bermuda since 2016, which could have a significant impact on the number of same-gendered marriages.)83.

California 84.

Connecticut 85.

Rhode Islands 86.

Hawaii 87.

New South Wales 88.

Massachusetts 89.

Massachusetts 90.

Maine 91.

Massachusetts 92.

Vermont 93.

Connecticut 94.

New Orleans 95.

Connecticut 96.

New Bern, Massachusetts 97.

Massachusetts 98.

Massachusetts 99.

Rhode Isles 100.


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