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‘I just want to say, what did you expect? You were the first woman to be president!’

A man who claimed he was the first gay person elected to the White House says he just wants to say: ‘I think we did a really good job.’

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, was first elected to Congress in 2010.

He said he was inspired by his partner of eight years to run for office after hearing about President Donald Trump’s ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign slogan.

The man told the news website he was elected as the first openly gay person in the nation to be elected president, a feat he said he achieved because he believed he was ‘just a normal guy who wanted to do the right thing.’

He said: ‘You’re not supposed to be a political candidate.

But, you know, I felt that way because I thought that I was just like everyone else.’

He told the site he felt that ‘the American people want to be told that we are a special breed, we are special because we were born to our mothers, and we were raised in this country.’

And, that we deserve to be treated as Americans, and I think that we should be treated like all Americans should be, and that’s what we were elected to do.’

So, I just wanted to say this: I just want everyone to take a deep breath and just go, ‘This is the best country that we have, this is what we are going to do, and let’s see if we can make it great again.’

He was elected in 2010 as the nation’s first openly lesbian congressman, becoming the first member of Congress to win a state’s primary election.

The election sparked national outrage and a backlash against Trump, who had threatened to bar Muslims from entering the country.

The ‘Make Trump Great Again!’ slogan was widely criticised by gay rights groups, including the Human Rights Campaign.

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