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How do you tell if you’re in a committed Christian marriage?

By: Jody M. Scott, MD, MPH, FAAP, BSN, LCSW, RN and Sarah M. Gertler, MSN, BSL, RN.

Author: Jodi Scott, PhD and Sarah Gertling, MS, RNAuthor: Catherine R. BrownAuthor: Dr. Jody Scott and Sarah C. Brown Author: Christian Marriage Foundation©2016 by The Christian Science Monitor® and The Christian Association.

All rights reserved.

No part of this publication may be reproduced or reprinted without written permission.

How to get a marriage license

When a person is married and wants to have a legal marriage, a marriage certificate is required from the clerk of the court or the county registrar.

The clerk of a county or state court must give the person who wants a marriage a marriage licence.

If a marriage does not have a clerk or a registrar, it can be done online through a county, state or federal website.

The license fee is $25.

The fee for a marriage document is not required, but the fee for filing a divorce is.

You can also get a divorce certificate for $15.

To get a married person to sign a divorce petition, they must sign a document, called a petition, which sets forth the grounds for divorce.

It says the parties agree to separate.

It is not a legal document, but if the parties do not sign the petition, the divorce will be invalid.

Marriage documents can be issued by: the county clerk, or the state clerk,

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