‘We’re still trying to get married’: The battle to save the Canadian marriage license

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Posted April 14, 2018 05:59:59 When you are looking to have a family, you are always going to have people who want to take advantage of you.

But sometimes, as with a few of our recent reports, the family-friendly environment in this country is not always a good thing.

The Canadian government is moving forward with plans to introduce new family-oriented tax and fee changes, including a family exemption for couples filing jointly.

But not everyone is happy with the proposed changes.

One family-focused group is suing the government over the proposed change.

In a legal challenge to the changes, the Family Tax Benefit Association (FTA), a group of families, is seeking a court injunction against them.

It says the proposed family tax cuts would mean an increase in the number of families in the country.

It argues the new measures would be a tax on all families, not just those filing jointly, and will mean families with one child will pay more.

The group is also concerned about changes to the marriage licensing process.

In its lawsuit, the federation says that if the government were to introduce the new changes, it would “impose a duty to a court to revoke a marriage license based on the facts and circumstances of a particular case.”

The federation’s executive director, Dr. Anne Macdonald, told the National Post the changes would be “unfair to families who may not be able to afford the $2,000 fee and, at the same time, create the perception of a duty on the taxpayer.”

Macdonald says the federation is “very concerned” about changes that could mean “the burden of proof is placed on those seeking to obtain a marriage licence to prove they are in a relationship with the other spouse.”

The union between a couple is not a simple one, and a few issues remain unresolved.

The federation says there are three main concerns with the changes: a lack of clear evidence that a relationship exists between the couple, no clear definition of a marriage, and the potential for “unlawful discrimination.”

MacDonald says the government needs to clarify the definition of marriage.

“We want to be clear about what is a marriage,” she said.

“If you are married, and you have two people, then you have a marriage.

But if you have one person, and then you are not married, you don’t have a relationship.”

“We know there are people who are married and who are not, and we want to know that they are living a happy, fulfilling and happy life.”

A recent federal survey found that 70 per cent of Canadian couples are in love and are happy in a committed relationship.

However, the survey also found that one in five Canadian couples would not be happy in their relationship if it ended.

Macdonald said she believes there is a strong need for clarification around what constitutes a relationship.

“The more we can understand the relationships in the family, the better,” she says.

“When we talk about relationships, we are talking about families, so there is no one right way to define a family.”

Macown is worried about the changes affecting “our children, who are our future and who we want them to grow up to be.”

She says she is not surprised that the federation would want to use legal action to protect its members.

“I don’t think it is fair to those families that they will get hurt because they do not understand how this is affecting them,” she explains.

The organization is asking for a judge to block the government’s changes and has asked that the changes be struck down.

The government is expected to file its final proposal on May 20.

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