When the Pope speaks about the Catholic Church, he’s really talking about the marriage italians

Sep 25, 2021 Introduction

By MARCO SANTOS The Pope has a new line of attack against traditional Catholic marriage.

In an interview with Italian news outlet La Stampa, the Pope says the Catholic church is “frightened” by traditional marriage.

“Marriage is a sacrament.

It’s an essential and fundamental human right,” Pope Francis said in an interview that will air on Italian television on Sunday night.

“But I do not see marriage as something that is for a single person, for the entire family, for one man and one woman.

It is not for a family.”

In his comments, Pope Francis called traditional marriage “a tool for selfishness and selfishness.”

“Marriages that are based on selfishness, which are based in a certain type of desire, have no value,” he said.

“Marriages based on love, which is based in an affection for the whole family, are more worthy of love.”

While he has said that traditional marriage should be between a man and a woman, he has not previously called for its legalization or redefinition.

His remarks come on the heels of Pope Francis’ call for a change in the Church’s teaching on marriage in a new book, “The Kingdom of Heaven.”

He has also said that the church should allow for same-sex unions.

While he said that “the Catholic Church has a long tradition of love,” he also has called for a “spiritual separation” of church and state.

“When the Church has been open about what is good and holy, it has also been open to different types of sexual relationships, so it’s been able to offer the Gospel,” he explained.

“And that is what we should do in the world.”

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