When Virginia says marriage is between a man and a woman, how do you know?

Jul 27, 2021 Male

The state is moving toward recognizing same-sex marriages as valid under state law, but the process is still fraught with hurdles.

On Thursday, Gov.

Bob McDonnell announced that the state will allow same-day marriage starting in January.

McDonnell said in a statement that Virginia has already seen a large increase in the number of marriages, and that marriage between same-gender couples is a way to celebrate the love and family that the institution is meant to promote.

The state will also recognize civil unions and adoptions between same sex couples, though the legislation still needs to be approved by the state legislature.

In addition, there are some questions about the validity of the marriage certificate.

Virginia requires marriage certificates to be signed by both parties, and most jurisdictions do not allow for signatures by a third party.

In March, the Supreme Court struck down a Virginia law that prohibited people from marrying if they were legally married.

The ruling came on the same day as the court ruled in favor of same- sex couples who wanted to marry in Virginia.

In other states, there have been some attempts to get around the problem by allowing for signatures to be submitted by a person who is not the actual spouse.

For instance, Colorado is considering allowing signatures from a same- gender couple’s best friend, a friend’s spouse or a child who is a close relative.

In New York, a man has asked a judge to declare a marriage valid if the woman is not a spouse.

However, a federal judge is expected to rule soon on whether that would be legal in New York.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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