Why is Elizabeth Taylor marrying someone she knows nothing about?

Jul 4, 2021 Female

We already know that the most famous and influential woman in the world is actually a closeted bisexual.

But that doesn’t mean she’s always been that way.

A new book, The Bisexual Couple: The Hidden History of Bisexuality in the American Mind, sheds new light on just how far the LGBT community has come in terms of understanding and accepting the sexuality of its members.

In this exclusive excerpt, author Elizabeth Taylor explains how her own relationship with her bisexuality was a complicated one, but she managed to make it work for both her and her life.

Read more: Elizabeth Taylor, a bisexual woman, married a woman named Elizabeth Taylor in 1959.

“The first time I met her was when I was 18 years old,” Taylor says in the excerpt.

“She was in her mid-30s and I was in my 20s.

It was my first time in the public eye.

We were very young and it was very awkward.”

The two began to date and then had a child together in 1960.

“We did not see each other in person for many years after that,” Taylor explains.

“But we would get together occasionally.

We would go out and she would go to a movie and I would go back home.

She would do her best to keep up with her husband, and I think that was one of the most important things to me.”

And that’s where the book takes an interesting turn.

In the interview, Taylor recounts how she began to notice a pattern emerging between her husband and his partner.

“My husband was getting more and more uncomfortable,” she says.

“I noticed that I was not feeling the same, but I could not see it in my husband.

I didn’t know how to explain it to him.

I would think, ‘Oh, my God, I am not feeling right about that.’

And I would say, ‘My husband is so happy.’

But he would say to me, ‘Well, he is so, so, happy that you are not.'”

When Taylor found out that her husband was an avid reader, she began researching and researching.

She started with books on sexuality and bisexuality, but after several years, she found the book The Biphobia: How Bisexuals Are Brought Down by the Bisexual Community by journalist, Elizabeth Taylor.

“It was very much my idea of a biography,” Taylor remembers.

“Because I did not know how I would be portrayed.

I was a married, well-educated, white woman, so I had all these assumptions about how I was going to be portrayed.”

“I really believe that if I were going to tell the story of my life, I wanted to make sure that it was not about my sexuality,” she continued.

“As an author, I want to tell my story from the perspective of a bisexual, and not as a heterosexual woman.

I want it to be about my relationship with myself.”

“If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you don of course, and you’re just going to have to assume that you don`t know anything about me,” she added.

“You’re going to need to read it and find out what it is.

And then I would just go in there and tell the truth.”

“And then I will tell you what it means to be bisexual, which is it means you are willing to take a risk, and take a chance, and do something that you really like.”

She goes on to say that it’s not about what you are or aren’t attracted to, but about what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone you don�t know.

“If there is a part of you that is attracted to someone else, it means that you have a very real sense of attraction to that person,” Taylor told BuzzFeed News.

“And so, if there is something that drives you, if it is that you want to be with someone, and that is a real possibility, and the thing is so attractive to you that you can see it, then it is really an attraction, it is a strong sense of desire.”

“It means that it is in your mind, it feels like it is there, it’s a part that you would be able to be attracted to in your relationship,” Taylor said.

“So, I believe that the bisexual experience is a whole other thing that has to be explored.”

The Borrowers: The Untold Story of the Gay & Lesbian Community by Elizabeth Taylor (published by Crown) is out now.

For more from this author, check out the video below.

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