Why marriage license is still the law of the land

Sep 17, 2021 Age

If you live in California, you’re entitled to a marriage license, but only if you are the spouse or parent of a minor.

But that’s not the case nationwide.

The National Conference of State Legislatures recently issued guidelines that will apply to all states, regardless of how they define marriage. 

“If the minor is a minor, the minor shall not be required to show proof of age to obtain a marriage licence, nor shall the minor be required in order to obtain an exemption from the age requirement to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian,” reads the document, which was released this month.

“If the person is the minor, then the minor must obtain a parent’s or legal representative’s consent to the minor obtaining a marriage certificate.

In addition, the parent or guardian must consent to any form of child support from the minor or any amount owed to the parent by the minor.”

In most states, a minor under the age of 16 can get a marriage permit without showing proof of marriage or the parent’s consent.

If you’re not the parent of someone under the legal age of 18, you may need to show that the minor can’t be expected to be able to handle the responsibility of marriage.

California allows anyone under the statutory age of 21 to get a same-sex marriage license.

But if you’re a parent of an under-18 or minor, you must show proof that you’re the person’s parent, guardian or legal representatives. 

California’s policy is not unique to the state.

The Washington State Department of Health says that minors can get marriage licenses in Washington without a parent, but the state requires proof of the minor’s age to get married.

In Washington, parents are required to provide their consent for minors to get marriage certificates, but parents are not required to sign. 

In Utah, it’s illegal to deny a license to anyone under 21.

Utah’s new policy does not mention parents. 

A marriage license in Utah is valid for a year.

In Washington, it is valid only for three years. 

The Department of Justice issued a new guidelines in August that say that, in general, people under the ages of 21 may not be denied a marriage or other legal document because of age, even if they are minors.

The department said it also said that it would not “make an exception to the general rule that adults cannot marry someone younger than 21 unless they show an undue hardship or a compelling reason.”

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